Voice SMS

Messagewala’s voice SMS platform provides a highly reliable technology that automates bulk voice call to mobile or telephone users , playing a pre-recorded messages . Our voice platform has been deployed on latest technology which is capable of handling high outbound traffic , handle retry for unanswered calls , as well as accept the user inputs like sms solution .Voice sms too have transactional as well as promotional priority. Now a days more and more markets are opting for voice broadcasting solutions as a promotion medium to reach out to the larger number of audience in their regional languages to create highly personal touch. Voice SMS gives the freedom from limitations of sending SMS in English language of message can be recorded in any language and can be broadcasted to even non-English speaking users.

Messagewala offers online recording solution which makes voice recording a super easy process.Voice can be recorded just by dialing an IVR number . Recorded voice can be broadcasted using the web interface or API.

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