Two-way Messaging

Messagewala’s two way messaging is an interactive messaging mechanism which completes the cycle of communication between the sender and the receiver.The service extends the benefit of cloud communication to an enterprise user on a secure and reliable infrastructure.Messages are sent to 10 digit standard mobile number , popularly known as virtual number ,which further passes the incoming messages to the predefined web URL of the enterprise enabling the mobile to web coomunication.Virtual numbers are perfect solution to build end number of user interactive communication on a wider scale.

An enterprise can have their unique virtual number with minimal cost . Same time, it is cost effective for user too ,as they don’t have to pay premium charges to send messages when compared to short codes.

Our Virtual number platform offers ,highly initiative saas based interface , which is highly user friendly when it comes for the solution to be built around.

To explore ,the best solution we can develop for you , Kindly contact our salesteam.