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Messagewala’s solutions can be developed and deployed across different enterprise domains perfectly as per industry need , without worrying about scalability and deliverability. Few of the domains with their sample implementation scenario has been discussed here.

Banking Sector

Our solution to banks and financial institution can help them connect with the customer or promote the new products to target consumer base. We have ensured that our solutions deliver SMS,Email or voice in time critical pattern required for Banking and financial sector. Our solutions are both secure and convenient for retail and corporate banking users. The solution can be used to deliver transaction alerts, notications and reminders ets to the customer. Interactive solution can be built using virtual number service for example: User can do banking transactions just by sending SMS.

CRM Software/applications

With the growth of Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES), communication system has became integral part in Customer Relation Management (CRM) , Vendor Relation Management (VRM) , Human Resource Management (HRM) , Sales Force automation ,IT infrastructure service, employee communication.

Online Portals & E-Commerce

India has seen a high impact growth in ecommerce sector which has changed the life style of internet users. With the increasing number of online shopping portal, customers retention and acquisition has became two important and with no exception better communication system by online portals has became critical. With Messagewala’s solution, online portals can effectively send transactional SMS/E-mail . Same time solution can be built for promotional campaign too.

Stock Brokers

Considered as one of the most volatile sector where news,analysis and movements has to be updated minute by minute and same has to be updated to the customers. Our high priority SMS & E-Mail solution perfects fits in this sector. Innovative solutions can be too build using longcodes.


Using SMS in education is now a days very common. Educational institutes use SMS,Email service to communicate with parents about attendance, exam marks, circulars , performance , notification, fee reminders etc.

Marketing Solutions

Our solution allow businesses to create effective marketing campaigns targeting the mobile and E-mail users. Marketers today use direct marketing through SMS as an integral part of their strategy. Our solution ensures cost effective, speedy and personalized tool to reach out to huge customer base in no-time. The solution provider companies the flexibility of an opt-in database using various media.


Our solution for transport and logistics can be used in smooth management of fleet and consignments. Solutions can be built for consignment tracking, realtime information of shipment vehicle, status update etc.


Now a day mobile is used widely for m-commerce business. Mobile Top-Up business is one of them. Messagewala solution can be used to build complete business scenario for such cases. For a mobile topup company, SMS can be sent to the virtual number by their retailers which can be processed and after the successful transaction status can be updated accordingly.

Similarly our solution can be built for any sector . Kindly contact out sales team to explore our solutions for your business.